the hardest day…

August 19, 2007

Well, it’s really been a long time sejak terakhir nulis…

Hmm,,sebenernya banyak banget yang perlu ditulis,,terutama pengalaman sewaktu di korea..

Cuma dari kmaren spirit untuk nulis lagi kurang banget…

Dan skarang,,,I am not writing about my experience in Korea…

Just another story about my life,,,


One more day, one last look

Before I leave it all behind

And play the role that’s meant for us

That said we’d say goodbye


If I promise to believe will you believe

That there’s nowhere that we’d rather be

Nowhere describes where we are

I’ve no choice, I love you leave,

Love you wave goodbye


And all I ever wanted was to stay

And nothing in this world’s gonna change, change


Never wanna wake up from this night

Never wanna leave this moment

Waiting for you only, only you

Never gonna forget every single thing you do

When loving you is my finest hour

Leaving you, the hardest day of my life

The hardest day of my life


Hmm, lagu lama dari the corrs…


You know I still have the same feeling…

I never meant to give such a burden,,,

I wanna be by your side watching you up..

I wanna be by your side raising you up when you’re down…

I always wanna be there whenever you need me…


I don’t hate you because of this..

I understand what’s happening…


Thanx for every priceless moment you’ve given me…

Thank you very much,,



Tak bisa berkata2 lagi…


One comment

  1. Ini lagu the corrs dari album yang mana?…

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