lovesick [the arrogants]

October 14, 2007

There was a day though it seems so long ago

Our love burned with the glow

Of every summer sun and spring flavor

A brighter day, when I could not resist

The bliss of your sweet kiss

 dreamt that you were the one


I am not sad and I don’t want you back

I just miss the feeling of being in love


It used to be, you held me in your arms

Caressed me with your charms

And swore you’d never stray

And just like me, I built my world for you

I stuck to you like glue

But that was yesterday


And in the end, we split with but a yawn

The spark of love long gone

Two hearts of ours apart again

Goodbye to you, I’ve nothing left to say

I am sick of love today

But I’ll dive back in..

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