wedding day

November 13, 2007

Well, I’m not actually one of the girls who have known how they’ll get married and got really prepared for the special moment,,

Of course, I want to get married..soon..(haha)

But I think now is not the appropriate time to think about the whole thing,,

Well, but, unexpectedly, there is this question on the book which unless I answer it properly, my teacher will come out with a bunch of words that will kill my eagerness to speak..



It says : “tell me about the wedding that you have dreamt about”


Wedding,,,hmm,,I’d like it to be a truly Javanese wedding..

I am a half Javanese and I love its culture..

So, the wedding should go along with the Javanese traditions, from a to z

I’d like to hold the reception at night, in (for now I could think about) Islamic centre.

I want everyone to feel comfortable when attending my wedding,, so, the decoration should be magnificent, with the elegant touch of black, white and silver…hehe, my favorite colors,,


That was my answer,,

He was unsatisfied really, and started lecturing along the way,,

I wonder how I can answer that question perfectly when I don’t even know what I am dreaming of,,

I can’t even imagine the figure who will appear to be my groom..

Yeah, wedding,,, I guess it’s still a long way to go,,=p


  1. Masih jauh des.. Gak usah dipikirin dulu 😀

  2. lah,,emang aku ga mikirin kan?!
    itu kan terpaksa,,
    gara2 ditanyain,,hehe

  3. caelahhh… da ngomongin tentang wedding aja nih..hehehe..
    ntar kalo nikah jangan lupa undang2 yahh..hehehe

  4. pastilah so,,
    masa gw g ngundang lo…
    asal kita keep in touch aja,,hehe
    kita kanjanjian ketemu di menara eiffel taun 2020

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