di penghujung tahun

December 28, 2007

Bandung city lights,,

Yep, looks so beautiful from my room..

Up way in the northern part of the city..


Tinggal menghitung detik-detik menuju tahun yang baru,,,

Pada malam itu, pemandangan kembang api menjadi sesuatu yang biasa…

I can see them from up here…nice 🙂

*hehe, secara implisit menunjukkan kalo emang rumah ini jauh dari peradaban kota :p *


Exciting memang menyambut suatu masa yang baru,,

Tapi, tahun ini juga meninggalkan banyak hal yang sulit untuk dilupakan,,,

A lot of fun times, tough things, sad stories, achievement, unforgettable experiences and more..

Such a really wonderful year,,,


“there are two tragedies in life..

  one is to lose your heart’s desire, and the other is to gain it”


Lots of things happened and made me what I am right now. I used to think that no one is that bad, there must be a good side of them,,tapi ternyata manusia memang jahat,,,

Sejak menyadari smua itu, I feel no longer comfortable to share my stories with people, well, friends, if I may say,,

There are certain things about my life I don’t like to share,,

There’s a party going on and hey I don’t care

I’m feeling right now like don’t want to be there

I don’t want to be bothered and have to pretend

I know there’s going to be someone I’ll probably offend

But they’ll have to get over it

Let it slide off their back

[anyway, maybe I’m not that important]

But I don’t want to be bothered and it may sound whack

There are all kinds of things going on in my mind that need my attention

And are kind of important to how I make myself be

Cause I’m thinking a lot about what makes me “me”

What makes me authentic and genuine

What makes me feel good and what makes my life mine

And all the distractions at home and at school

it’s hard to just think to chill to be cool

When all of the pressures around you press on and press in

And make you to think “I don’t like where I’ve been”

And I know that I need to go somewhere new

But I need time to think, to go out to the edge

And be in space, where my life can just get all up in my face

But when people intrude want my time and attention

I get kind of uncomfortable cause I know I can’t mention the stuff that is going on inside of me

And making me slide, making me bend

I don’t want to be bothered and I don’t want to pretend

But later I know I’ll give up some of me to be with you

And for you and not to ignore you

But that will come later at some other time

When I get me some reason and get me some rhyme

But I don’t want to be bothered and I know you my friend

But please let me be

I don’t want to pretend

Forgive me, I hope you understand. I am not hiding, I just feel comfortable with my life right now..

However, if you’d like to share your thing, I’d be widely opened. I am still your friend, hanya sdikit berubah saja, memang terkadang setiap orang needs a time on their own..Not telling people about my life doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear my friends’ problems. I always hope that I can give a hand..thousand hands if I could (but God only gives me two, how grateful I am 🙂 )

Luv you, guys 🙂


Before leaving this very moment of year, I’d like to say this to people who have been hurt or disappointed because of me. To tell you the truth, I never meant to do such things.

There were certain things happening and those were my ways to get over them, so I hope you guys would understand..

I’m sorry and I apologize

I’m sorry and I realize

I’m sorry cause I’m messing up

My ego wants to find a way to make it not my fault

But even I can’t make a list and itemize the things I’ve done

I can’t count them on my fingers, count them up like one two three

But the real deal is I’m sorry and I cannot justify that I’ve hurt you

And then turn around and look you in the eye

Then I go along and act like I didn’t do a wrong

I’d be lying and defeat myself, lose the power to be strong


For all the wonderful  things

I’d like to thank God, for all these miracles, my wonderful family..ehehe

Temen-temen smuanya,,thanx 4 bringing such joyous time

Temen2 YouC,,terimakasih,,mari bersiap untuk semester depan!!!

Kak Octa, Budi, Riza, makasih banget,,kalo ga kalian ajak, I won’t be what I am right now,,hehe

Pak Riza, mas Zeddy, kak Naren, smua yang ngebantuin Tim Aksara,,,

Nisa, yang udah ngasih kesempatan kmaren,,such a wonderful experience..hehe

y, pokonya, for all of you,,thanx for making my life so colourful,,

Thank you and thank you,,


Well, time to say goodbye to 2007!!

I hope 2008 will be a better year for everyone,,amiiinnn:D

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