Tentang dsH

1328_4601 My name is Desi Hadiati, yea, you can call me Desi, but somehow my friends and relatives know me as dsH. I am almost 22 years old this year (2009). I live in Bandung since I was born,,and somehow, I never think about leaving this city because I do really love living here.

I’m still taking my bachelor degree in Informatics Engineering, ITB. I am doing my final assignments on information system for school and I hope I’d be able to finish it this year.

Almost every afternoon, I’m quite busy with my teaching activity. I teach English at one of the English courses in the city, EXSA English Course.

In 2007, I took part in one competition that is held annually by Microsoft. I got a lot of experience that somehow led me to something. The great ones were I had the opportunity to be in one stage with the President of Indonesia, and the chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates, I had the chance to present my country in an international competition, and I also had the chance too see with my own eyes the reality of education in my own country, especially in my city, Bandung.

The experience makes me eager to contribute in education.

I know there’s only a few things I can do right now, but I hope day by day, I could present something more for this country.


  1. hai, boleh masukin ke planet-if ya?

    (kalimat pertanyaan ato pernyataan ya itu?)

  2. 🙂

  3. nice poetry, keep writing ya, kalo ada waktu, coba kunjungin http://www.igoos.net

  4. tadi pagi (19/5) aku liat anda di perspektif wilmar, so jadi ikut bangga deh punya generasi muda yang punya perspektif seperti anda…

  5. hey…smalam aku nonton ANTV perspektif wilmar…
    slamat yach desi & team dr ITB da jd kebanggaan bagi indonesia…
    so mau nitip profosal donk buat microsoft hahhhaha
    bisa bantu ga? aku punya rencana mau buat comic…
    ok ditunggu yach!!

  6. @dwi :
    thanks for the appreciation,,

    @amri :
    well, thanks for the appreciation,,
    utk masalah proposal, emm, mksudnya proposal apa?
    sebenernya gw bukan dutanya microsoft sih,,tapi mungkin ntar bisa gw kasih CP nya

  7. HI…

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